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SIGITE/RIIT 2012 » ACM Conference on IT Education/Research » Testing and Quantifying ERP Usability

Testing and Quantifying ERP Usability

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems benefit businesses while the typically complex interface can challenge end users. Many prior studies of ERP users measure attitudes rather than actual use of the ERP. This research involved testing users as they worked with PeopleSoft™ to complete an inventory procedure. An experiment measured success and time while users completed a task working with the default interface and a simplified version of the interface. Trends and participant comments validated the importance of interface usability for success, although neither complexity nor simplicity were
    statistically significant. Complexity was significant for task time. Interface complexity was quantified using two models: GOMS-KLM and a visual complexity model. The default complex screens required almost twice as many steps to navigate seven times the number of on-screen elements. This paper reports two studies that were part of a larger effort (Parks, 2011) blending human factors and empirical methods to assess the impact of ERP usability.

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