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SIGITE/RIIT 2012 » ACM Conference on IT Education/Research » Papers


  • By SIGITE policy, at least one author of each accepted paper is required to register, attend and present the paper.

    Download SIGITE-RIIT 2012 Call for Participation (PDF)

    Sorry, the submission deadline for SIGITE/RIIT 2012 has expired.

    Important Dates for Authors

    Submission Deadline: June 1, 2012
    Author Notification: July 9, 2012
    Proceedings publisher provides instructions to Authors: July 13, 2012
    Camera-Ready Copy DUE to proceedings publisher: August 8, 2012

    What Kinds Of Papers Are Customary?

    We invite papers falling into the following five broad classes.

    • Education – Experience Reports describe an idea, course or classroom experience that worked well and is now recommended to others.
    • Education – Research Studies present a careful study, with an appropriate use of methodology (e.g., case study, qualitative methods, quasi-experimental, experimental) to support the investigation and stated results. The methodology does not need to be quantitative; it does, however, need to be appropriate to support the claims made by the author.
    • Education – Philosophical Papers present an argument for a direction or idea to be considered in our curriculum, a particular course, or the overall field.
    • Education Tool Papers present courseware or a concrete process that has been developed and is now ready for wider use.
    • IT Research covers the full spectrum of research-level projects within the IT field.

    In all cases, papers must be original work; they should include a review of previous, related work that helps place the submitted work into context. All results and arguments presented should follow clearly from the evidence provided in the paper.

    Within the broad classes above, we encourage submissions that address any of the following IT curriculum related areas:

    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Information Assurance and Security
    • Information Management/Databases/Data Mining
    • Information Technology Fundamentals
    • Integrative Programming and Technologies
    • Math and Statistics for IT
    • Networking
    • Platform Technologies
    • Programming Fundamentals
    • System Administration and Maintenance
    • Social and Professional Issues/Ethics
    • System Integration and Maintenance
    • Web Systems and Technologies


    You may also consider submitting a paper in one of the following general topic areas:

    • Accreditation and Assessment
    • Community Outreach/K-12 Education
    • Curriculum/Program/Degree/Collaboration Initiatives
    • Distance Education
    • Gender and Diversity Issues
    • Industry-Education Relationships
    • Interesting Applications in IT
    • Laboratory Experience
    • Non-Majors/Non-Traditional Students
    • Student Research/Capstones/Internships


    Descriptions of each of these paper categories can be found at the online topic display site. When you submit your paper, we will request that you indicate the broad class you believe the paper fits into as well as up to four categories from the IT Curriculum-related and general topic areas.

    How Should The Paper Be Formatted?

    Authors must submit two versions of their paper: a “publication” version that includes author/institution information, and an anonymized version. The goal of the anonymized version is to, as much as possible, allow the author(s) of the paper an unbiased review. The anonymized version should have ALL references to the authors removed (including author’s names and affiliation plus identifying information within the body of the paper such as websites or related publications). Self-citations need not be removed if they are worded so that the reviewer doesn’t know if the writer is citing himself/herself. That is, instead of writing “We reported on our first experiment in 2007 in a previous paper [1]”, the writer might write “In 2007, an initial experiment was done in this area as reported in [1].”

    The publication version is available for use by the Program Committee. Both versions are limited to a maximum of 6 pages and must adhere to the SIGITE 2012 Format InstructionsTemplates are available in Word, WordPerfect, and LaTeX.

    If your paper is accepted you will have a chance to modify your publication version before it is published.

    Electronic submission of papers is required.

    How Do I Submit My Paper?

    1. Write your paper using the format specified above. Make sure that you have two versions of the paper: the publication version and an anonymized version. Within the paper, you must provide Category and Subject Descriptors, General Terms, and Keywords based on the ACM classification system. These requirements are described in more detail in the SIGITE 2012 Format Instructions.
    2. Convert your paper into Adobe PDF format. Refer to our Creating Adobe PDF Documents page for assistance.
    3. Submit both versions using the online paper submission form. Note that there are several ways you must categorize your paper submission in the online system. The broad classification you choose allows the reviewer to evaluate the paper from an appropriate perspective. The course and general topic categories you choose are used to select the reviewers who will evaluate your paper. To increase the likelihood that your paper will be given to a reviewer who is familiar with the content of your paper, choose one broad classification and at most three course-related and/or general topic areas that best fit your paper. Selection of more than four content categories may result in automatic rejection of your paper.
    4. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your documents, because that is when everyone else will be connecting to our server!
    5. Make note of the paper ID number and password assigned to your submission. You will receive an e-mail message confirmation. Spam filters sometimes trap these automatically generated messages so you may need to check your spam trap for the confirmation and later, acceptance or rejection notification.
    6. After receiving confirmation, go to the author verification form to review your submission for accuracy. Send e-mail to Dave Armitage (SIGITE-2012) or Jeff Brewer (RIIT-2012) if there are any problems.

    Deadline: All electronic submissions must be received by June 1, 2012

    Presentation Notes

    • All presenters must register for the conference.
    • Paper presentations are 25 minutes in length. Five minutes of that time should be reserved for answering questions from the audience.
    • The conference will supply both a projector and a Windows laptop for each session.
    • Bring a backup copy of your presentation on a USB stick. Session chairs may request that presenters arrange to make all presentations from a single laptop.
    • Wireless Internet access should be available during your presentation, but please be aware that there is always a potential for failure.
    • Arrive at your room at least 10 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin.


    If you have questions about paper submissions, please contact SIGITE 2012 / RIIT-2012 Program Chairs:
    Dave Armitage (SIGITE-2012)
    Abdel Ejnioui (SIGITE-2012)
    Jeff Brewer (RIIT-2012)


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  • Hotel Bookings


    The SIGITE 2012 conference itself be held in the Hotel Arts, which is a 175-room, full-service boutique hotel in the exciting heart of Calgary.

    Hotel Arts
    119 - 12th Avenue SW
    Calgary, AB T2R 0G8
    Phone: 403.266.4611
    Fax: 403.237.0978
    Toll-free: 1.800.661.9378
    Email: info@hotelarts.ca
    Bookings: reservations@hotelarts.ca

    Mention SIGITE 2012 or ACM or Association of Computing Machinery to get the special room rate.